Team Building activities in Brussels for everyone & every budget

  Private & tailor made Workshops for groups

  On top of our scheduled daily tours we offer flexible solutions for groups & coroporate team buildings.
  We can organize the Waffle Workshop any day, any time you like and you can combine the Waffle Workshop with other activities to get a complete experience of the Brussels / Belgian culture. For example you can combine Waffle and Chocolate workshops, or you can combine a workshop with a walking tour of the historical center of Brussels.

 We offer many different things to do on top of Waffle & Chocolate workshops, we can organize for you a Beer Tasting Experience, an Instant Photo Tour or even a Pub Crawl, Beer Bike and cocktail workshop! Every combination is possible. Because we are one team working together, you do not need to hire extra guides to take the group from point A to B and you are sure to get the best prices.

 Have a look below and send us an email with your interests, the number of people in your party as well as your wishes and constraints (location, time, etc...) and we will get back to you with a quote: You can also reach us or leave a voice message at: +32 2 881 0178 - or post your question on our WhatsApp support group!


Option 1

  Private Waffle Workshop

  The classic Waffle Workshop with your group only. At our venue or the location of your choice (conference, office, restaurant,...), the waffle workshop can be organized any day at any time. That's a cool & alternative idea for team buildings, business meals, stag/hen/bachelor(ette) party,...We can as well organize a small competition between the participants!

Option 2

  Waffle Workshop + city tour

  For big groups, we strongly suggest to split the group in 2 and alternate the Waffle Workshop with another activity, such as a 2h historical walking tour. Once half of the group makes Waffles, the other half goes on a walking tour to discover the historical center of Brussels with a professional guide. Then after 2 hours we swap groups. This option is very popular with groups that have little time in Brussels and want to get the real feel of the city and its food culture.

Option 3

  Waffle Workshop + other activity

  The Waffle Workshop is our leading activity in Brussels but you can combine it with other great tours! Such as: chocolate workshop, beer tasting experience, photo tour, pub crawl, cocktail workshop and historical walking tours. We always add new activities and experiences.
If you organize a business meal and are looking for a fun alternative dessert, the Waffle Workshop is the perfect fit. Your guests can simply make their own waffles or having one of our Chef attend your event and cook our amazing Waffles on the spot!

To book any of those options or create your own personalize experience, send us an email: