Frequently Asked Questions

Best Belgian Waffles in Brussels: where could I buy them?

Most waffle stores in Brussels unfortunately don't use fresh batter to make their waffles, or worst they pre-cook waffles! Learn how to avoid bying a low quality here: where can I find the best waffles in Brussels?"

Can I join the workshop any day ?

Yes, you can. However, even if the workshop is available daily, booking is compulsory.

Do I need to bring old clothes?

No, usually participants don't get their clothes dirty and we can lend you an apron,...just in case !

Can I join if I have food restrictions / allergies?

Yes, you can, please specify what allergies you are subject to in the comments of the booking form and we will make sure to have proper alternative to the ingredients you are allergic to, so you can enjoy waffles too.

Is the workshop suitable for vegetarian / vegan people?

Yes, the workshop is vegetarian, meaning, we don't use any meat or fish in the preparation or waffles. However if you are vegan we need to prepare an egg substitute for you, please specify your food restrictions in the comment when booking.

Is the workshop suitable for children?

Yes, we are happy to have kids joining. However for legal reason all kids must be accompanied by a responsible adult that is taking part herself/himself in the workshop.

Do you offer workshops to companies as a team building?

Yes, we do. You can book your own private workshop for yourself and your colleagues, it can be either scheduled at lunch or dinner time. Please contact us for a personalized quote at


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