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Belgian Chocolate Workshop

  Dreaming about becoming a real chocolate maker?! Then this is the perfect activity for you! Whether you have natural cooking skills or not, we will explain you and assist you step by step in making your very own Belgian Chocolates.
  The classic chocolate workshop lasts around 2.5-hours, during the workshop we will all work together round a big table to go through all the steps needed to make: praline shells, praline filling, mendiants chocolates and hot chocolate. Note that we start with premium Belgian chocolate and we make everything ourself from there. You will also learn the theorie behind tempering the chocolate, to make it shiny, heat resistant and cripsy once in your mouth! At the end of the workshop you can either eat all your chocolates (unlikely as we are going to make so many of them!) or take them home to friends & family to enjoy! Scroll down to know more about workshop schedules and pricing.

Workshop in Brussels that lasts 120 minutesno cooking skills requiredchocolat atelier taller

  Team-building, staff party, birthdays and special events are available, see the groups & private page of the site to know more about custom chocolate workshops.
  You have a question?! See the Frequently Asked Questions page.

Chocolate workshop description:

  Learn how to make amazing Belgian chocolates in just 2.5-hours!

  Everything you need to succeed is provided. Because we made complicated things simple and with the help of our team you won't need any previous cooking experience to be able to make delicious Belgian chocolates.
 We will start the workshop with a short introduction to give you an overview of the whole course. Then we will split into team and start cooking!
 The first step will be to temper the chocolate, clean the molds and make your chocolate reach the working temperature. As the workshop goes on, you will understand the chocolate is an amazing material to work with but in the same its a very fragile one.  This chocolate workshop has been designed so you can easily reproduce at home what you will have learned during the chocolate workshop.  Just to make sure you had enough cocoa in the blood before you go, we will end the workshop making real and amazingly delicious hot chocolate!

Take home your chocolates!       No previous cooking experience required

Good to know!

 Our chocolate class is split in five parts. We start by learning how to temper the chocolate before making the praline shells. Together with the Chef you will learn how to make the ganache -used as filling here- before filling your shells with it! Later we work on mendiants chocolates before closing our pralines and making hot chocolate for everyone! You will get your chocolate fix, garanteed!

We believe in a better world for everyone, that's why we exclusively use Fair Trade Belgian chocolatefair trade chocolate

Classic Chocolate Workshop:

2.5h Pralines & Mendiants workshhop

Adult: 42€ / person
Youth (12 to 16 years old): 36€ / person
Student with ID card: 38€ / person

 Because this workshop lasts 2.5-hours, young children and kids under 12 years old are not admited neither are spectators. We recommend families to join our Waffle Workshop instead. Every person under 18 years old must join with at least one participating adult.

 We can customize the workshop for groups taking your constraints into account, such as time, budget or location. See our Groups & private page for details and send us an email for free quote: wishes @ or join our WhatsApp support Group. Private Workshops are available in English, Spanish, Turkish, Portuguese, Russian, French, Vietnamese and Arabic. Send us an email for more info.

The Workshop includes:

All ingredients
Assistance from start to end
Chocolate crafting theory
Take your own chocolates home
A free hot chocolate!
Craft yourself over 30+ chocolates per person including pralines & mendiants !

Online booking

If you have any question, drop us a line: contact @

chocolate workshop of Brussels

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Meeting point:

  Our Chocolate Workshop in Brussels is located in the city center on Rue des Foulons 30, Brussels

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GPS coordinates are: 50.84296580650041, 4.341901132429499 (copy/paste in Google Maps)

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